From clients that we have helped.
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"We were introduced to the Snoddy's about a year ago. We met to discuss the personal marital issues that we were having. My husband and I were broken and hurt and pretty much headed to divorce court. We needed answers from God and we were referred to the Snoddy's. From day one, I was very impressed and blown away. After I shared my personal feelings and offenses with the Snoddy's, I was expecting them to yell at my husband and tell him how wrong he is and how right I am. I expected someone to give me their opinion on how my husband should treat me as his wife. I was hurt, I was bitter and there was a lot of resentment there for my husband. I was seeking agreement to divorce him. Boy was I ever wrong!! The Snoddy's were very calm and very patient as they watch me tearfully express my feelings and concerns. They were the same with my husband expressing his feelings as well. They never once offered their personal opinion. Instead, they directed us to the Word of God. Wow! Extremely important and impressive! We are seasoned Christians who have been married for nearly 20 years and thought we knew everything biblically, concerning our marriage. We were wrong! Once my husband and I began to see how God wants our marriage and household to prosper, and once we applied the Word to our daily lives, only then did we begin to experience a God-filled, loving marriage. We had to first sincerely seek God for guidance and answers. Through the Snoddy's, God taught us how to love Him first and then love each other. Once you submit yourself completely to His will, everything else will fall into alignment. We are so grateful for the Snoddy's and the wisdom and guidance that they have taught us. We still use it today and we even share some knowledge with other couples. I can honestly say that we were headed to divorce court, but using the Snoddy's as a vessel, God restored us! If your marriage needs a fresh Godly approach, I recommend this ministry to you. You can Never go wrong with the Word of God.
Thank you!

- Al and Michelle.
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 "Pastor JK and Linda have been an inspiration to me. When I see them, I see what it means to be in love and to be Kingdom-minded and focused. You both are so encouraging and I love you both very much, You are great spiritual parents and wonderful counselors and coaches."

- Ron & Taiwana.
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My husband and I took premarital classes from the Snoddy’s and it was definitely worth the investment. It was my husband’s second marriage and my first. They showed us how God should always have final authority in all our decisions, the advice we intend to follow throughout our marriage. They were a blessing to start off our marriage and they will continue to instill wisdom and knowledge to us as long as they will have us. I highly endorse this man and woman of God. We love them and are glad God placed them in our paths. Thank you. Forever grateful.

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I am so grateful that God has purposed this couple to help build Kingdom Marriages. They were a blessing for me and my wife and will continue to be a blessing to future couples. I admit, I did it at the start because it was protocol but I learned much more than I first perceived. God has shown me through them what He intended for marriage. I personally recommend them to married and those anticipating marriage to seek advice and counsel to understand each other through this woman and man of God. They will share with you to always let God have the final authority in all your decisions. Gracias a mi espies Poe ayudarme!

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“Let God’s Word be the final authority in your marriage.” These are the words that JK Snoddy has stamped on our hearts throughout our pre-marital counseling and our follow up marital counseling. His wisdom is balanced with patience as he gently leads us through principles to help us avoid marital pitfalls.

For example, in the beginning sessions of our pre-marital counseling, “Dad” Snoddy would somehow manage to pinpoint areas of contention between me and my now husband even though we had not told him about these problems. I waited eagerly for “Dad” Snoddy to nail my husband on his shortcomings, beat him with some scriptures and give him homework for him to get it together. That moment never came. Instead, he invited the Holy Spirit into our sessions, shared examples from his own marriage of 50 plus years and relied on the firm authority of Scripture to mold our hearts and shape our marriage.

Three years later, with almost two years of marriage, we still receive counseling to help us improve our love walk. The transformation in how we handle conflict, our differences and how we make decisions is amazing. We wholeheartedly recommend JK Snoddy’s services to anyone.

Tamika and David Vaughan
Happily Married 

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My wife and I are at a happy moment in our lives. Even though we did not address our weakness in our relationship before marriage, we always shared a special bond that we encountered for nine years. We just needed positive guidance and reassurance of our love for each other.

My wife and I are very grateful to have had Mr. JK and Mrs. Linda as an inspirational figure to counsel us during our most sadden moments. They helped us view things from a different perspective. They help us understand that no one is perfect. As long as we put our trust and faith in God, we shall succeed successfully from any challenges we face as parents and as a married couple.

-Tyler and Tonya
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I am forever grateful for you two as a couple and for the gift God has orchestrated to bless our lives. We/I am a better person because our paths have crossed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a powerful voice in my life this season. I honor the two of you and I thank God for you. I pray that the Lord bless you and keep you and that his face always shines on you! I pray complete and total restoration and healing. I truly love you from the bottom of my heart. This WILL NOT be the last time we see or meet!! Love you dearly!!

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I am so thankful for you both coming into our home and lives to bless us, teach us and the friendship. You both have truly blessed Tanya and I. Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Snoddy.