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Your choices will determine your destination. At Thru HIS Eyes Life Coaching we will help you by giving you the tools to make life affirming choices.
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Hi, We Are JK And Linda.
Welcome to Thru His Eyes Life Coaching.

You are on this page because you may be considering your need for a Personal or a Marriage Life Coach.  You feel it may be time for some professional guidance.  It’s okay to ask for help.  In fact, that’s the first step.  In asking for help, you are on the road towards unleashing the potential of your marriage.

As Marriage Life Coaches, our goal is to help you and your spouse develop a meaningful and lasting marriage.  It may seem hard to believe right now, but you can enjoy a marriage worth celebrating with the right support and guidance from a life coach.  The coaching process provides a safe and encouraging environment for you and your spouse to discover and transform the issues that are roadblocks in your marriage.

Are you and your spouse committed to creating a fulfilling, God-centered marriage?  If the answer is yes, then we look forward to working with you.  If you are unsure of the answer, it’s okay.  Remember, asking for help is the first step.  Celebrate the fact that you’re taking actions that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Contact us today for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.  Your journey towards strengthening your marriage begins today!

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"Pastor JK and Linda have been an inspiration to me. When I see them, I see what it means to be in love and to be Kingdom-minded and focused. You both are so encouraging and I love you both very much, You are great spiritual parents and wonderful counselors and couches."
- Ron & Taiwana.

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