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Hello, We are JK & Linda Snoddy

My first experience with life coaching was during a challenging time in the early years of my married life.  I needed answers to this complex world of marriage (Example: Why is it so difficult to close the drawers all the way?).  I was in love with my wife but I found it hard to like her,  My home was a disaster due to my inability to communicate and find purpose for our marriage.  All the dreams of a “white picket fence marriage” were slowly going down the drain.  We both decided that the best solution to ease the emotional pain was to get a divorce.  God was in our situation all the time.  We submitted ourselves to a pastor for marriage coaching until we were healed.  It took knowledge, work and commitment, but with his guidance and accountability we made the transformation.

Now after 56 years of marriage (as of Feb. 2020), we still have challenges but the coaching process has helped us find the purpose of marriage and given us skills to maintain the victory in our relationship.  That is why we want to be a part of your team to provide you with all the life skills and experiences that we have gained over the years.  (Over 56 years, but who’s counting).
We know that together we can pinpoint the roadblocks in your marriage, establish peace, focus, intimacy, and better communication skills. The result will be a full expression of your marriage potential.  Contact us today for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

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Although the details may differ, I was in your shoes “once upon a time”.  After only 7 years of marriage, our marriage was a disaster and we were headed for divorce.  Let me start at the beginning.  My father divorced my mother so I was a product of a failed relationship.  I didn’t have a father figure nor was I shown a successful marriage.  I grew up in Ohio and New Jersey where I graduated from Eastside High School.  After graduation, I enlisted in the United States Air Force.  During my career in the air Force, I was trained as an Aircraft Electrician and later trained as a Precision Measuring Equipment (PMEL) supervisor (Notice the keyword “Precision”-which meant that cabinet doors and drawers left open used to begin arguments in our early marriage years.)  During my tour in New Jersey, I met a beautiful young lady named Linda Swain whom I loved and later married.  This relationship didn’t work as we had envisioned and after 7 years we were headed for divorce.  Sound familiar?  We sought the help of a marriage coach, and as a result , we reconciled (See, it’s worthwhile to ask for help).

After retiring from the military, I was employed as a Sr. Program Manager with Unified Industries to provide logistical services to the Army and Navy facilities.  I have also worked as a financial planner with AMEX Financial Services and a Mortgage Underwriter with PHH Mortgage.

I am now a licensed ordained minister with Redemption Ministerial Fellowship International (RMFI).  I have a passion for ministry to the married and premarital couples who are searching for their divine purpose and assignment within their marriagesI am happy to say, that Linda and I celebrated our 56 wedding anniversary in February of 2020.  From our experiences (both the good and the bad), we have been given a ministry to coach married and premarital couples towards a marriage that has purpose and honors the Lord.  We will help you find the real meaning of a covenant relationship and what that will looks like in your marriage.

My purpose in sharing my history is to reveal that no marriage is perfect (and that’s okay, because it can still be fulfilling).  Marriage takes knowledge, work, and commitment to fulfill your divine purpose.  A marriage life coach can be an invaluable help during this process.

- JK Snoddy


"I am so grateful that God has purposed this couple to help build Kingdom Marriages. They were a blessing ." 
- Rafael.

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